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Home Renovations & Loft Conversions | Design Trends for New Living Space

Creating extra living space for your Maidstone home is an exciting step for you and your family. Likewise, breathing new life into stale, stagnant or even damaged rooms and properties generates a flurry of design ideas and concepts. In their early stages, projects like property refurbishments, home renovations, loft conversions and property extensions represent a blank canvas. However, getting the interior design right isn’t always easy for some.

As customer-focused builders, we’re always happy to help. Our combined workforce shares over 100 years of trade experience. Since our establishment in 1994, we have seen which trends fade as quickly as they arrive, and which ones hold timeless appeal.

If you have a clearly defined vision of the space you want to create, that’s great. We can turn it into a reality. However, if you’re less clear, or even still at square one, we have outlined some of the leading trends for inspiration below.

Interior Design Trends for New Living Space

Property Extensions
Unlike property refurbishments and home renovations, but in a similar vein to loft conversions, house extensions create new living space. If you want our builders to construct yours at the rear of your Maidstone home, consider a wide access point that establishes a flowing link between your internal space and the garden. The best way to achieve this is with by-folding doors.

When retracted fully, these doors far exceed the capability of French doors, let alone standard designs. By-folding doors are an especially popular addition for kitchen extensions. They blur the lines between boundaries and open a wealth of possibilities for outdoor living.

If you’re researching property extensions, you should also prioritise innovative storage solutions. It’s highly likely that you’re extending due to a lack of space, so adding as much as possible into your new room makes perfect sense. Concealed storage designs provide ample space without compromising sleek designs.

Our builders can also install pocket doors if you’re caught between an open-plan and enclosed extension.

Loft Conversions
As with property refurbishments and home renovations, converting your loft makes the most of your property’s existing structure. Creating new habitable space at the top of your home in Maidstone offers a wide range of unique design options.

One of the most popular uses for new loft conversions is the creation of a new bedroom. This is the perfect way to accommodate a growing family. Due to its placement within the roofing structure, your new bedroom will also have optimal privacy too.

When your kids move out or leave for university, you can also consider renting the extra bedroom out. In such cases, neutral colours and finishes hold the most appeal.

Much like property extensions, other popular uses include an extra bathroom to reduce waiting times in the morning and at night, as well as quiet, peaceful home offices.

Home Renovations
Property refurbishments typically involve superficial improvements like redecorating and replacing damaged or broken features. As such, we will focus on the more transformative renovations. As Maidstone-based builders, the two most popular renovations we carry out are for kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchens are the heart of every home. It’s where your family spends a significant amount of time cooking, eating and entertaining. This is also why property extensions involving the kitchen are so popular too. Kitchen upgrades commonly include induction hobs, dedicated recycling bins, large drawers and under-cabinet lighting.

Bathrooms are where we start and finish our days. They are places for relaxation and self-care. It’s only natural, then, to invest in home renovations – or even loft conversions – that make these spaces aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Popular features include large walk-in showers, freestanding baths, heated mirrors, ambient lighting and heated towel racks.

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