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Property Refurbishments | How Much Disruption is Involved?

When deciding to invest in home improvements and developments, it’s only natural to focus on the final results. With loft conversions and property extensions, this includes interior design options for a brand-new living space, not to mention the lifestyle benefits. When it comes to property refurbishments and home renovations, it’s the excitement of breathing new life into a dated, stale or damaged home in the Medway area. But where there are builders, there’s a building site. Of course, this will cause a certain level of disruption.

At South East Building Service, we make it clear from the outset: our services come with an inevitable amount of disruption. Needless to say, however, we use our decades of expertise to keep this to an absolute minimum. Unfortunately, we can’t eliminate it completely.

For your benefit, we have looked below at the level of disruption you can expect during some of our core services. These include property refurbishments, home renovations, house extensions and loft or attic conversions.

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A Closer Look at Potential Disruption

Loft Conversions
Much like property extensions, a conversion that fully complies with the current Building Regulations represents a sizeable addition to your home, be it in Medway or the neighbouring areas. There are four different conversion designs (rooflight, dormer, hip-to-gable and mansard), so the amount of disruption differs depending on which route you take.

If you decide on a loft conversion, we carry out your project in two distinct phases.

At the outset, our builders assemble a scaffold and create a hatch in your roof. This allows us to access your loft from the outside. We also pass all our materials into the loft through this system. This means we rarely, if ever, enter your home.

But this changes when we construct your new room’s internal staircase. This requires considerable building work within your home’s interior. Not only does this involve noise and the movement of builders and materials, it also generates dust.

The process only lasts 1 or 2 days and takes place toward the end of your project.

Property Extensions
Home extensions in Medway have more in common with loft conversions than property refurbishments and home renovations. Because they involve a significant amount of construction and carpentry, there’s a certain level of unavoidable disruption. This ranges from noise and dust to an understandable sense of intrusion. We address any concerns in this regard as early as possible and prioritise solutions to minimise them.

We tailor our approach to produce the most effective results. Solutions can include using the least disruptive access route (for builders and materials), hiring a portable toilet and taking every step possible to avoid passing through your house.

Property Refurbishments and Home Renovations
The amount of disruption during a refurbishment or renovation depends on whether your Medway property has occupants at the time. For example, landlords often invest in a simple refurbishment between long-term tenants. Likewise, our builders often undertake renovations on neglected properties that have sat vacant for some time. Naturally, if you or anyone else isn’t in your property, disruption becomes irrelevant.

This differs if you live in your home. While we structure property extensions and loft conversions to primarily take place externally, most aspects of property refurbishments and home renovations occur in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

You can rest assured, we lay protective sheeting on our access route, and maintain a clean and tidy working environment. We can advise on solutions that suit you best. Options include relocating TV watching to the bedroom and hiring a local hotel room to sleep in.

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